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Opinel Knives
Opinel No6/8 models feature the Virobloc safety ring. It is small enough to be placed in a pocket or purse and will "deliver" when needs be. With Walnut or Olive $15/ No8 $20
The Slim series (a.k.a Effil├ęs in French) are elegant and highly ergonomic. The No12 makes a great table knives while the No15 is use to fillet fish on the go. OP00015 $25
No. 8 Outdoor Knife Blue
Opinel is going high-tech with space age materials. This heavy duty survival knife features a 2.5 mm thick 12C27 sandvik blade, a thick serrated area, an integrated 4 seasons 110 db survival whistle and a shackle key.
No.8/10 Slim Series The 8 is 4 1/8 inches closed, the 10 is 5 inches. These are in the traditional Beechwood. No. 8 $15/No. 10 $20
Handle Wood
Handle Wood No 8