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Bob Stumphy is a bladesmith from Middletown Maryland. He uses different steels for his blades. These are forged in 52100, 1095 and W1. He also does all his own leatherwork.
Opinel Knives
Bob Stumphy Page 2
EDC $120
This is a great knife for every day carry. Bob forged this with W1 steel and Lion Wood scales.
Caper/Bird and Trout $90
At three inches, this knife can triple duty as a Caper/Bird and Trout/EDC. This was forged in 1095 and carries Bamboo scales. The overall length is 6 3/4 inches.
Damascus Hunter $200
Bob has created this 60 layer Damascus Hunter with 1095 and 15n20. The blade is lightly etched to bring out the pattern. The handle is burl Elm.
4 inch Cherry $120
This is a 4 inch bladed clip point that was forged in 52100. The scales are Cherry.